Soulmates represents our memory from heaven.  The. pink angel surrounds the embracing couple, in blues and purples. Purple is our connection to the Divine. Pink is unconditional love which the angel brings to the soul connection of the two. The painting represents our souls purpose to help each other here on earth, our soulmate can be in many forms but always joined for the benefit of each souls progression. Our hearts guide us to those we are to meet in our lifewalk here on earth. The image helps us make a space for those important for our soul to come into our lives and us into theirs. Its a great image to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, and commitment one to another.


Giclee Lithographs

Kati’s images reproduced with museum quality inks and paper.

8×10″ image is matted, titled and signed in a finished 11×14″ or 16×20″ mat ready for framing.

Unmatted larger images reproduced with museum quality inks and paper signed and ready for framing.

(see below for mat options and colors)


11in x 14in Matted Lithograph – $80.00
Mat Color :


16in x 20in Matted Lithograph – $125.00
Mat Color :


18in x 24in Unmatted Lithograph – $295.00


24in x 36in Unmatted Lithograph - $495.00

Canvas Giclee Reproduction

Archival quality reproduction on canvas ready for stretching on a canvas frame or board (recommended) and  framing. Canvas reproduction is rolled and sent in a shipping tube. These are not embellished like the Artist Proofs, but are signed and dated.

(Larger Canvas Prints Available Per Request )


16in x 20in roll canvas - $395.00


20in x 24in roll canvas - $495.00


24in x 36in roll canvas - $695.00


36in x 48in roll canvas - $895.00

Framed Canvas Artist Proof

Embellished by Kati. She renders the museum quality canvas reproduction in your choice of base image using her special mix iridescent Mica paints and Opalescent glitter. The proof is stretched and mounted in your choice of frame and signed. Each becomes a one of a kind piece comparable to her original oils on canvas at a third of the cost.

Kati will only be creating Artist Proofs for a limited time.

The signature and original brushstrokes by Kati make these paintings look like her original oils! The discernible difference among her Originals and the Artist Proofs would only be visible up close in the thick textures which create a depth in multiple layers of oil, sculpture, gilding, and enhancements.



(Larger Canvas Prints Available Per Request )

See section below for framing examples.


16in x 20in artist proof – $795.00
Frame Type :


20in x 24in artist proof – $995.00
Frame Type :


24in x 36in artist proof – $2295.00
Frame Type :


36in x 48in artist proof – $2995.00
Frame Type :

Order Options

Shipping Information

Standard shipping is FREE within the continental US.

Worldwide and Expedited shipping is available!  Please contact for pricing.

Framing Options for Canvas Proofs (click to open/close)

Click thumbnails to view large frame images and names.

(framing available only for canvas reproductions)

ornate-gold-large ornate-dark-gold-large bronze-carved-large black-contemporary-large white-washed-large silver-ornate-large

Matting Options (click to open/close)


Mats will be coordinated with image colors.

Choosing the “special” option along with your image, mat colors currently available will be emailed to you for your selection before shipping.


Dark Colors


Light Colors


Special Colors   (limited availability)


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