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About the book - Divine Images

Kati Russell is a single mother of four who had several Near Death Experiences because of her chronic Asthma. After her first NDE she began to paint. DIVINE IMAGES tells of her journey through a life of grief, chaos, and abuse, while raising her children alone. The Angels emerged in her life as a strength, protection, and comfort when she had no family to lean on.

The book tells of her passage through all the negatives as she allowed the Angels to infuse a strength that brought her and her children through and compelled her to start to paint. The Angels emerged very abstract and colorful on canvas as she had felt them in heaven where she had encountered her Dad with her best dog.

As the Angels appeared to Kati she photographed them in the sky, experience 42 of her most colorful and intense paintings of the Angels and real photographs of them in the night sky not visible to the naked eye.

DIVINE IMAGES brings the energy of the Angels to you the reader, as you discover the story about each one. The paintings have a supernatural quality about them as you perceive them in your own way. Their power is available to us all as little or much we choose to accept. Allow the Angels to awaken your heart as they exhilarate the spirit.



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