Angelus Healing Cards

Angelus Healing Cards

46 card deck
in organza bag & wooden chest.
$44.95 + $5 Shipping

Angel Cards Front and Back

Angel Cards in Box

Angelus Angel Healing Cards

Angelus Healing Cards

Connect with your Angels. This kinship is very personal and sacred. These energy palm cards center and open your attitude towards the divine. Using them in a prayerful state heightens your connection to Heaven with their image. As each abstract angel speaks to you in a personal way, it grows with your perception and point of view.

The deck consists of 44 of Kati’s original paintings. When you begin to use Angelus Healing Cards, sit in quiet meditation, Hold the deck cupped in your hands, the energy will magnify you will feel the heat. Pose your question or allow your heart to be guided to pick what angel will be with you for the next 24 hours. Using your deck daily will create an awareness in you about the angels around you. It is a great way to begin personal communication with your angels and their guidance that awaits you.

The deck is kept in a fine organza bag in their own wooden treasure chest. They are a great addition to your nightstand, evening prayers, and are convenient enough to carry with you daily in your bag.

Kati recommends the deck for the curious to the devout angel practitioner. As their abstract essence speaks to one’s current state of mind, their communication is only limited to your awareness which grows considerably with your daily use.

Many practitioners use the deck as their conduit from their client to the heavens, but Kati recommends you have a personal deck which only has your energy. If you would be interested in using them with friends make sure and have a separate deck for that purpose.

Enjoy the diverse energy each card brings as they help you greet a new day!



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