2016 Holiday Exhibit Impromptu Lecture in Rocky River OH

Dec 17, 2016 2016holidaysale
DIVINE MERCY is the first painting I painted after my last Near Death Experience from a severe asthma attack in 2011. I was in ICU in a coma on a vent for 4 days. Each NDE I’ve had in the last 20 years has been different. But one thing is the same, after they kick me out of heaven and my spirit lands back in this body of mine my painting becomes more fluid. Divine Mercy has all the irridescent colors in heaven. Not as bright because no mere mortal could ever duplicate the vivid beauty of heaven. But what I paint just comes through, I don’t sketch or plan the colors clearly I am only the instrument.  And one day when my job is done here I will get to stay.
Tomorrow we will have a conversation about heaven, come see the ANGELS ! They will speak to you!! There are slide shows on KATI RUSSELL FACEBOOK  they are are some of the pieces of heaven you will find at the show tomorrow.  Details below….
20401 Hilliard Blvd
Rocky River, OH 44116
Sunday Dec 18 2-9pm
Impromptu Lecture 6:30

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