HE IS RISEN! Keep HOPE in our lives.

Apr 01, 2018

HOPE IS Faith in the Unseen.

God gives us challenges each day. No one is exempt for we have come to Earth to experience life in all aspects. Joy, Freedom, Pain, Struggle, Creativity, Strength, Happiness, Fear and specifically overcoming of it,and the essence of it all …..LOVE.

So how do we find Hope in situations that we see no solutions for?

This is something I have experience with….. overcoming emotional, physical, and situational struggles. Mostly I must say when it hits me I feel lost. Unsure of what to do, thinking about solutions, running over millions of scenarios, each one creating more worry and fear. I can assure you living in fear of the outcome is not the way to spend the day. So what am I doing, fretting going over the negative possibilities, losing any confidence I had.  Worrying, using analytic negative thinking is actually praying for what you fear to come upon you. In that headspace there is little HOPE. I had to find a way out of this mindset. Raising four children as a single Mom with no guaranteed income being a painter I had responsibilities I could not ignore. If it was just me I never really worried but for my children I had to find the right solution. Having no immediate family,  my struggles were too intense to ask for help from friends. I was in survival mode, what could I do? Stubborn me, I was forced into surrender. And believe me it’s tough to turn over control of one’s life and children to this ‘supernatural source’ we call God our heavenly Father. I did, and each time the pressure lifted. And when I say each time I mean it this is not a one time deal. Every time fear and negativity come into my mind I surrender it. If I am driving, falling asleep, amidst a meeting, I envision it on a beautiful silver platter, and lift it up to God’s Altar. Like a sacrifice and it kind of seems like one handing it all over to our Father.  But I do, and being an artist I picture the problem, person, issue I surrender. An image is far more powerful in prayer than our words.

So I have continued to do this daily sometimes hourly when things feel out of control. It releases me and dissolves my fears for the moment. And as my life is constantly changing, so the negatives continue to hit  at different angles, in different challenges , so I do it all over again. I have put my loved ones on that altar. And every time I do with an open heart the result is a release of fear and a shot of Love and Peace.

So now I stop myself, my thought patterns, when it comes, envision it on His altar immediately and replace that fear and sadness with love and peace. It’s all practice, and being conscious in our thoughts and in the realization this is an attack from the negative. We can say “NO!” and hand it over to God. It’s called FAITH in the understanding that God will create the perfect solution for the situation. As time goes on and when we surrender we first feel a release, then a relaxation in peace and love, the faith we have that our heavenly Father will bless us we actually allow him to do just that.

During the Holidays our emotions are on a higher than normal level, good or bad. To create a serenity in our lives surrender is the answer and gives us an understanding of what HOPE is made of. And we all have it available to us. Those in your lives that can’t or won’t go there we can do it for them. And although it may take a while to infuse into those who are skeptical, the most help we can give them is our quiet faith. A strong Faith is the essence of HOPE and when we truly feel it we can pass it on.

So my request to you today is find someone who needs HOPE in their lives, say your prayer of Hope for them . Look at HOPE’s image wrap her blue wings of Peace around them. Whether they realize it in their mind, the spirit will know. And remember what we do comes back so a blessing for you will be around the corner!



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